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Imperial Entanglements Previews!
First look at some non-Uniques from the upcoming set!

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A HUGE thanks to Fool for all the hard work he put in to get these previews for our site here. Fool also did these write-ups you'll find below.

Read on for stats of 2 new pieces from the Imperial Entaglements set, plus a quick look at 3 other pieces that are reprints from previous sets. Fool gives some great reasons why sometimes it's not so bad to get reprints!


Snowtrooper (Empire, 7 Points) – Typically in many builds the Snowtrooper is usually passed up for the 5 Point Stormtrooper. Although the Snowtrooper brings identical stats as its 5 point brethren, it does add 10 Hit Points for the extra 2 Points. In many builds activations typically mean everything so the 3 Stormtroopers for 2 Snowtrooper rule typically applies and thus, getting the extra activation can sometimes be instrumental in victories (especially in Opportunist builds). The Snowtrooper also gains the same bonuses as the other Imperial “Troopers� (gaining Advantageous Cover from the Felucian Stormtrooper Officer, +6 Defense from Darth Vader, Imperial Commander and Opportunist from Admiral Piett) never really giving any reason to take them over any other Trooper. The 20 Hit Points can be handy though, especially if you want to avoid a Force Grip from across the board. It at least forces an attack from a 20 Damage Character rather then a 10 Damage shooter. Snowtroopers are mostly found in renditions of the battle of Hoth, or Hoth themed squads and aren’t bad for 7 points (20 Hit Points combined with 16 Defense if very respectable) and having another “army builder� for Imperial enthusiasts is to be expected, if not appreciated.


Scout Trooper (Empire, 8 Points) – Aside from the Rebels & Imperials set, the third re-print of the often hard to attain Scout Trooper is a welcome one. For the first time we see the Scout Trooper as a “Common� rarity in lieu of its past “Uncommon� one. That should help people reliving the Battle of Endor or putting together a Moff Nyna Calixte squad. Scout Troopers also have 20 Hit Points, 15 defense, +5 Attack but only deal 10 Damage, the only down side to pretty respectable stats to go along with Stealth. They work well in any Trooper build taking advantage of a myriad of Commander Effects in the Empire such as that of Darth Vader, Imperial Commander; Admiral Piett and the Felucian Stormtrooper Officer. Perhaps the best use of the Scout Trooper is in Moff Nyna Calixte squads (From Legacy of the Force). The extra +10 Damage against units with Stealth as well as “Super-Stealth� make the Scout Trooper a good addition to that type of Imperial build. Another loved piece for re-enactments of the Battle of Endor, many Imperial enthusiasts will welcome the Common version of this often hard to get Imperial piece.


Bespin Guard (Fringe, 5 Points) – Every once in a while a re-print of an already produced Miniature catches you totally off guard, and the Bespin Guard is no different. The expectation to get another Bespin Guard (not seen since Rebel Storm) was almost nil but having said that, they are prevalent in Empire Strikes Back so they do go along with the “Imperial Entanglements� theme quite well. The Bespin Guard as a 5-point Fringe piece isn’t necessarily terrible. They have the second lowest defense at 12 (tied with the Muun Guard) and only +3 attack which is average for the 5 point cost. Where they make up for their average stats is one of the best defensive abilities outside Parry/Evade – Advantageous Cover. The first Miniature to have such an ability gives them a staggering 20 Defense in cover. On average, you have to look at 11 point pieces to get around that in defense – almost twice the cost of the lowly Bespin Guard. They work well in many different builds as well. Being non-unique, they can be boosted by Jabba, Crime Lord; the Czerka Scientist as well as many other Commanders that benefit non-unique characters in various different factions. If you’re stuck for a decent 5 piece shooter, the Bespin Guard is probably best used to combine fire in cover – gunning them down with 20 defense can be quite difficult even for the Bounty Hunters out there, being non-unique. The general hope though is that if the Bespin Guards have been re-printed that perhaps either a new Lando Calrissian or a Bespin Guard Leader may bring some benefit to the security force on Cloud City.

In Star Wars Miniatures Campaign Edition, the Bespin Guards are a welcome reprint for the simple fact that they work well as a “local security force� for the GM to use. You can finally add a different pose to your non-descript security force making for a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing build. Hopefully a Bespin Guard only boost will come, but we’ll have to wait until the set is available to see if that comes to fruition.


Imperial Dignitary (Empire, 5 Points) – When “Diplomat� was first introduced in Force Unleashed it was thoroughly confusing. Eventually, I came to understand that if the Caamasi Noble had Allies that you could also see he had “Diplomatic Immunity� (A la Die Hard 2). If he was all alone, you could whack him. Diplomat was an interesting new ability that led to a lot of abuse in Gambit, as Door openers, Meat Shields, Shooter Interference (forcing pieces to move to attack) and as moveable Stealth/Cloaked coverers. The fundamentals of Diplomat changed in the Knights of the Old Republic set when Leia Organa, Senator became the first piece to inflict damage but, providing there were allies around, not take any. On top of it she has a Force Rating to re-roll attacks. Granted, there are many better versions of Leia out there, but she makes the best Spotter +20 Rebel Ally in the game providing that deadly Combine Fire for +20 damage but being difficult to kill (especially with Cloaked).

The Imperial Dignitary takes the Damage Dealing DiplomaT (DDT) to the next level. Not only are they non-unique (and Uncommon to boot) meaning a swarm of these bad-boys can be coming at you, but they also benefit from Opportunist. This gives these “Fanatical Sycophants� the propensity to deal 20 Damage – and that’s before Commander Effects. The Dignitary, found in many other factions might not have been that deadly, but in the Empire, there is a slew of options to strengthen this Palpatine Supporter.

Off the top, Thrawn will grant them +3 Attack and +3 Defense (Boomed with Mas presumably). With Melee Attack the Czerka isn’t an option but Vader Champion of the Sith can have them re-roll at +4 Attack and +10 Damage and if you miss, throw in Palpatine (From Rebel Storm) to get a chance to re-roll that. That certainly (combined with Ozzel for tempo control) could turn out to be one of the deadliest builds as the Dignitaries can swarm enemies dealing damage but taking none in return (provided an enemy without Diplomat is in LOS which should be fairly easy to do).

The Imperial Dignitary is a great addition to the ranks of the Empire. In Star Wars Miniatures: Campaign Edition these guys are a nice addition as Diplomatic Leaders or potentially as a “Noble� character class to represent your Player Character. If you’re decent with customizing, you can probably paint the robes black, then glue a lightsaber in between the folded hands to make a corrupt Sith Anarchist or a Sith Anarchist Dark Master.


Snowtrooper Commander (Empire, 14 Points) – In past sets, there has really been no incentive to choose any type of Trooper ahead of the basic Stormtrooper in a competitive atmosphere. Typically speaking, a 5-point Stormtrooper is 5 of the best points spent in most cases rather than spending any more to take Snowtroopers, Sand Troopers or Scout Troopers. Rob Watkins once said, (I believe at Gencon of 2007) that he would “continue to develop pieces that rendered old pieces playable�. The Ithorian Commander in Alliance & Empire was one of the first examples of such a piece. Battle of Hoth lovers rejoice, because the Snowtrooper Commander is another.

For Fourteen points the Snowtrooper Commander renders ANY Snowtrooper more playable. 40 Hit Points and a respectable 18 Defense give the Commander some credibility to stay alive long enough to render his Commander Effect playable. The attack of +8 and damage of 20 is a bonus as well. Obviously the best addition of the Snowtrooper Commander is the Commander Effect: “Followers within 6 squares whose names contain Snowtrooper get +4 Attack and gain Squad Assault.� This Commander Effect (Two CE’s in one) is pretty amazing.

Obviously if you’re playing Empire, Mas Amedda becomes integral to many builds and he will find his way into this build. Replaying the Battle of Hoth will tip the balance (for now) into the mighty Empire’s hands. Snowtroopers will attack at +12 now (as opposed to +4) and Elite Snowtroopers and the Snowtrooper on E-Web also benefit from the Commander Effect. Snowtrooper Swarms have never been as effective as they are now, and the Stormtroopers – for the time being anyways – have to be jealous.

Best found obviously in Snowtrooper Swarms, the Commander can also lead as a great Commander coupled with General Veers, General Veers Hologram, Admiral Piett and many more of the abundance of great Commander Effects the Empire has access to. Obviously trumped by Disruptive, still, the Snowtrooper Commander adds a great element of Fun to Star Wars Minis coupled with potentially some fairly viable Snowtrooper Swarm Squads.

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