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Star Wars Miniatures was produced by Wizards of the Coast from 2004-2010.

Star Wars Miniatures - A Beginners Guide

"OK, you have me interested.  How do I get started playing Star Wars Miniatures?"

Star Wars Miniatures - Rules

Star Wars Miniatures is based on a  d20 system.  Here is everything you need to run a casual game at home or a large tournament.

Star Wars Miniatures - Virtual Set Information

After Wizards of the Coast stopped production the community decided to keep the game alive and created the Virtual Sets Project.

GenCon 2015

GenCon 2015 Champion Jim McNaney

If you like to eat, being the National Champion is great...everyone buys you dinner. Thanks, Jason  and Laura !" - Jim
Learn more about all the events we run at GenCon.

Annual Events

Below is a list of typical events in the SWM calendar.

  • Jan/Feb: New VSet release
  • February: FrostyCon
  • Spring: Regionals in various locations
  • July/August: GenCon and release of a new Vset

What People Are Saying

GenCon 2015, you had to be there.

  • "Wanted to give a shout out to for hosting an Intro to Star Wars minatures event at Gencon. Was my first time playing and has me hooked."

    Michael Kidwell via Facebook
  • "It was an honor to meet our game's creator, Rob Watkins, at GenCon this year."

    Jim McNaney - 2015 GenCon Champ
  • "GenCon sounded awesome! Kudos to those that went.. wicked!"

    Richard Allen