Star Wars Miniatures - Overview

Star Wars Miniatures was produced by Wizards of the coast from xxxx-xxxx

Star Wars Miniatures - A Beginners Guide

"How do I get started playing Star Wars Miniatures?"

Star Wars Miniatures - Rules

Everything you need to run a tournament from Floor Rules to the current Map List.

Star Wars Miniatures - Virtual Set Information

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A Premier Gaming Group

Star Wars Miniatures Gamers has now been running events at Gencon for over five years. Each year the lineup of events changes, but the headline event is the North American championship tournament. More...

Upcoming Events

Below is a list of upcoming tournaments around the globe.

  • June 12-14 Indian Regional
  • June 27 Wisconsin Regional
  • July 29 GenCon Wednesday Night
  • July 30 Gencon Thursday
  • July 31 Gencon Friday
  • August 1 Gencon Saturday
  • August 2 Gencon Sunday
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